ZDF Archive distributes Skyworks HDTV aerial footage archive.

Published: 02nd May 2008
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ZDF.archive distributes the English library of the English Skyworks in the territories with possible German-speaking customers. It produces HDTV quality high-end aerial footage. Skyworks is one of the largest archives in the world of its kind of footage. They have more than 300 hours of HD material available in the collection of aerial shots of exceptional beauty and quality from France, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Germany, the Benelux countries and Denmark, as well as moving pictures of flights over the Alps. Thanks to a 360-degree gyrostabilised camera attached under a helicopter, and to a unique production method, breathtaking images are produced in dazzling quality from a bird's-eye perspective. Skyworks produces for such prestigious clients as BBC, ITV, The Smithsonian Network, Granada and Discovery.

Fred Burcksen, Vice President Distribution, Merchandising and Investments, says: 'I am extremely delighted with this new and pace-setting cooperation. More and more broadcasters today are using High Definition, and the same applies to the world of film and advertising. HD is a practical, flexible and cost-effective way to maintain a quality that is comparable to that of 35 mm film. Furthermore, it can be seamlessly converted into the 35 mm format. Skyworks' spectacular films offer ZDF.archive's clients a practically limitless reservoir of ideas and applications.'

Massimo Moretto, Archive Manager at Skyworks, says: 'Representation partnerships are a big part of our business plan. We are looking forward towards working with ZDF Enterprises, with its prestige and knowledge of the markets in the German-speaking European territories.'

Skyworks is one of the biggest resources dedicated to exclusively to aerial footage and it's, cataloguing, displaying and collecting. Through an international consortium of aerial videographers, this growing library specializes in aerial footage of city skylines, recognizable landmarks and diverse landscapes from around the world.

Skyworks is the eye candy and the staple of today's modern film producers. Attention grabbing visuals, some less than 10 seconds long, of a moving bird's eye view, city skyline or landscape can be just what a film needs to set the dramatic scene. Skyworks has always been an exclusive proposition having everything between the most creative aerial footage requests. It is the perfect solution for your Stock Aerial Footage needs.

At Skyworks you can work directly with the aerial professionals and the videographers who create an exclusive footage you need. We created a place for enjoyable use and the resource to select the production you want. We deeply specialize in aerial stock footage and videography and we clearly understand the language you speak.

We personally know the professional aerial videographers around the world who you can trust to give you the unique aerial footage you need.

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